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7 nights on the award winning Paul Gauguin Luxury Cruise + 3 nights at the exemplary resort, The Brando.

brando escapes logo2xTetiaroa is an atoll in the middle of nowhere—utterly indescribable, where everything just is, the way it was intended to be. A massive ring of coral surrounds 12 motus, creating a barrier to keep the raging ocean beyond at bay. Inside it is utter calm.

In this quiet place, a renowned resort lives in harmony with nature, and the Polynesian people guide you through their lands. It’s hard to describe what you’ll feel when you’re here, other than to say connecting to a place and its people never felt so authentic, so real, so right.

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This atoll, Tetiaroa, is literally brimming with life. It’s all here, just waiting to be explored, by you. From guided excursions in kayaks to the outer limits of the atoll, to an invitation to learn how to play the ukulele or weave palm fronds into a work of art, there’s so much to discover and share.

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The Brando is singularly focused on one mission: zero carbon. Sustainability on the atoll is a partnership—if the Tetiaroa Society is the guardian of the atoll, then The Brando is the vehicle to showcase the work of the Society with the world. Everything we create, everything we do, everything we share is to showcase this incredible place. We promise, the impact of your visit will live on in your mind long after you leave, but it won’t be felt on the atoll.

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pg cruises logo 2023Paul Gauguin Cruises - Luxury cruising in French Polynesia and the South Pacific:
paul gauguin 2023Designed specifically to glide in luxury through the shallow seas of the South Pacific, The Gauguin is a small-ship cruiser’s dream. She delivers travelers to intimate ports inaccessible to larger cruise ships, all the while providing a travel experience that is nothing short of luxurious. Once on board, guests enjoy newly-decorated spacious suites and staterooms (more than 70% with private balconies), an onboard watersports marina, three dining venues, an extensive spa, and five-star service. Life on The Gauguin also reflects the beauty and rich cultural heritage of the islands she calls upon, with a warm, friendly feel, informal setting, and even a beloved troupe of Les Gauguin and Les Gauguines—local Tahitians who serve as onboard hosts and hostesses, entertainers, and storytellers.

Tahiti & The Society Islands - 7 Nights

Discover your own island inspiration in the destination that enchanted painter Paul Gauguin, author James A. Michener, and countless others. In one wonderful week, you'll explore the best of the South Pacific, with stops in lush Huahine, beautiful Bora Bora, and postcard-perfect Moorea. Once you've made these islands your home - even if just for a week - they'll always be calling for you to return.


  • Spend a relaxing day on Motu Mahana, our very own private islet, complete with white-sand beaches, swaying palm trees, a barbecue lunch, drinks served in coconuts, and a floating lagoon bar.
  • Explore Bora Bora your way - visit our exclusive white-sand beach with volleyball, snorkeling, kayaking, or paddleboarding, or opt for an optional four-wheel-drive safari, aquabike excursion, or glass-bottom boat ride.
  • Enjoy an overnight in Moorea, giving you plenty of time to marvel at mountain peaks, lounge near blue lagoons, and sample the fresh, local cuisine.

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• Spacious, oceanview accommodations, nearly 70% with private balconies
• All onboard gratuities included for room stewards and dining staff
• Complimentary beverages, including select wines and spirits, served throughout the ship
• Complimentary 24-hour room service
• Access to our exclusive, private white-sand beach in Bora Bora, as well as a complimentary day on our private islet, Motu Mahana.

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Participating directly in French Polynesia’s many rich traditions leads to deeper, more meaningful connections, and we strive to infuse the Polynesian spirit into everything we do.

  • Cultural experts share their knowledge onboard through dynamic and entertaining lectures and presentations,
  • Our troupe of cultural ambassadors, Les Gauguines and Les Gauguins, welcome guests to experience the local way of life.
  • Guests have ample opportunities to delve into the culture: learn to weave a hei from freshly-plucked flowers; join in on traditional dance performances; and learn to strum a ukulele.
  • Experience regional cuisine like moonfish and traditional roasted suckling pig, on board and on optional shore excursions.
  • Enhance weddings, anniversaries, and vow renewals with a traditional Polynesian blessing ceremony.

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Paul Gauguin Cruises was awared 2022 WINNER by Travel + Leisure for 'Best Small Ship Ocean Cruise-Line'.


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